Stuff – it clogs our homes and clutters our minds, and it doesn’t equal more happiness.

Yet, we hold on to excess unsure of its use or value. Does this sound familiar: “Wait, I might need that some day!” or “It was a gift from (fill in the blank), I couldn’t possibly give that away.” But, by removing the stuff & clutter we create room to focus on what’s most important in our lives. 

We have an easy way to get the process started. Here are 10 things that you can get rid of right now:

Extra Mugs
Truly, how many mugs do you use a day? Select three or four of your favorites (or a matched set) and donate or get rid of the rest, particularly those that are stained or chipped.

Vases have a way of multiplying when you’re not looking and before you know it an entire cabinet is filled. Keep your go-to vases (typically three or four in various sizes) and donate the others or re-gift them with flowers to a friend or loved one.

Plastic Food Containers
The best advice here is to switch to glass storage containers, which is better for your health and the planet. If you are keeping plastic containers, discard any that are warped and missing lids and then pare down to two or three of each size.

Expired or Unused Pantry Items
For ultimate flavor, not to mention your health, check the expiration dates on your spices, flours, canned goods, etc., and discard any that are past their prime. Once that’s done, move the oldest items to the front of your pantry so they can be enjoyed first.

Cardboard Boxes
Boxes are a prime example of “I may need this” and before you know it, your garage is filled with a pile of random boxes. If you do a lot of mailing, keep two or three of small, medium and large boxes and recycle the rest.

Unmatched Socks
We know the dryer is not going to miraculously spit out your missing sock, so unless you’re using them for buffing your shoes or a craft project, ditch the single sock.

Broken Items
We all have good intention of mending or fixing items that are broken, but if those items have been around for a year or more, chances of the repair happening are slim to none. Let go of the item (perhaps to a fixit lover) and unburden your mind.

Reusable Water Bottles
Like mugs, we often have too many in our cupboards and we keep them even if the lids are missing or they don’t fit properly in our cup holder or backpack. Select a few favorites and donate the remainder.

Glasses With Outdated Prescriptions
They sit in the drawer because they don’t serve your eyesight any longer. The good news is you’re one Google search away from an array of organizations that will gladly take those glasses off your hands and help others see clearly.

Specialty Food Ingredients
Some recipes call for an item that we have never or rarely used and we end up storing the item until it expires. Rather than that happening, offer it up to a foody friend who would love to have that specialty item in their pantry or fridge.

Just reading this, we can feel you breath a sigh of relief on how easy it is to get rid of “Stuff” and
give your mind and home space for the things you love.

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Linda Farland

Assist Your Move was founded by Linda Farland in 2013. She is passionate about providing peace of mind for clients on the move – no matter how big or small the move – through meticulous attention to detail.

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