Pack Your Clothes for Moving in 5 Easy Steps

Your clothes may be one of the last things you consider when prepping for a move. Most of us put off the task because packing up a closet can seem daunting.  With these 5 Easy Steps, you can pack your clothes in an organized and efficient way, which means unpacking will be a breeze when you arrive at your new home.

Step 1: Essentials

Set aside essentials that you’ll need for the last several days of packing and however many sets of clothing you’ll need before you unpack. Remember to factor in possible changes in weather.  

Tip: A suitcase works perfect for this and can accommodate your essential toiletries. Label it clearly so it doesn’t go in the moving truck.

Step 2: Clean Your Closet

Declutter! Yes, this can be time-consuming but, trust us, this step will be worth its weight in gold. The more you declutter before you move, the less you’ll have to put away in your new home.

Certainly, you and your kids have clothes that no longer fit, are beyond repair or you just don’t like. You can work through your closets by asking:
🔹 Does it fit?
🔹 Do I love it?
🔹 Is it outdated?
🔹 Is it worn out or torn?
As you go through your clothing, pull anything that no longer works or that won’t be appropriate for your new location. These items can be donated, recycled or tossed.

Once you’ve decluttered, organize and box the remaining items in a way that keeps like items together so you can easily find that favorite sweater once you unpack.

Tip: Be very specific with how you label each organized box: Think: description/type of clothing, season, who it belongs to, what room it’s going to in the new home.

Step 3: Shoes, Accessories & Hats

Shoes: Pack your shoes separate from your clothes. They take up a lot of room so it’s important to know early just how much space they’ll require. Shoes tend to be dirty so wrap them in a plastic bag or wrapping paper before packing, which also helps them from getting scuffed. Shoeboxes may seem easier but they take up a lot of space. If you do use shoeboxes, pack them together in a medium-sized moving box (heaviest shoes/boots on the bottom) and label accordingly.

Tip: Put socks or paper into the toe of your shoes so they don’t get crushed during the move, and alternate the direction of the shoes to save space.

Accessories: Don’t pack jewelry or accessories with your clothing because you risk snagging or tearing your clothes. Instead, pack them in a travel jewelry case or a smaller container to keep them safe during the move.

Tip: Always pack/take high valuable items with you rather than in the moving truck.

Hats: Pack large hats in a separate box (they often can be stacked) so they don’t bend, crease or get scuffed. Because the box will be so light, label it “top load only” so heavier boxes aren’t stacked on top.

Step 4: Don’t Empty That Dresser!

This will save you loads of time and extra boxes! If you’re using a moving company, tell them that there are clothes in the dresser (after you’ve decluttered, of course!). They will place clean packing paper over the top of the clothes in each drawer and then typically wrap the whole dresser before they load it onto the truck.  If you’re moving yourself, you can keep remove each drawer and secure it in an extra large garbage bag before you load it into your car or rental truck.

Tip: For bulky clothing & coats, use a vacuum or compression bag to save space. If you’re not worried about space, large garbage bags work well.

Step 5: Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are the gold standard for moving hanging items. They protect your items, keep things wrinkle free and clean. They also save time because you go from closet to wardrobe box to closet without taking anything off the hanger.

Wardrobe boxes come in different sizes: tall for dresses, pants & suits and shorter ones for shirts and sweaters. These boxes are tall enough that you can place items into the bottom of the box such as shoes (wrapped in plastic of course) or stuffed animals.

Tip: Tall items like umbrellas and walking sticks can easily slip into the corners of the box.

If you pack with care and in an organized manner, you’ll have
your new closet set up in no time.

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