Change of Address Checklist

This checklist provides a great starting point for notifying the right people, organizations and institutions about your change of address. It will save you hours of stress and time trying to track down lost mail or shipments.

Change your address with the post office either shortly before you move or immediately after you’ve relocated so you don’t miss any important documents. USPS has a whole moving kit that’s beneficial. Pop into your local post office for the kit or check it out on their website.

Magazines and other subscription services don’t automatically get forwarded to your new address. So you don’t miss an issue or subscription box, it’s best to contact them directly with your new address.

Family & Friends
If you have time to be creative, you can mail a change of address card. Services like Minted will even address them for you! Want an easier route? Send a mass email (bcc all recipients, of course!) to alert your family and friends to your new abode.

Your Furry Friends
Let your current veterinarian know you’re moving and ask them to transfer your pet’s records to your new vet. If you’ve registered your pet with a microchip service, update those records with your new address so your furry family members stay safe.

Lights On!
Contact your utility service providers (electricity, gas, cable, water, garbage, etc.) in your new area so that utilities are connected by your move-in day. Remember to arrange for shut off of utilities to happen at your current home at the end of your move out day.

License & Vehicle
Transfer your driver’s license and obtain a new registration for your vehicle(s). Depending on your state, you are required to visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles in your new city within 10-30 days after your arrive.

If you have AAA or another roadside service provider, contact them with the specifics of your new residence; and, if you’re moving out of state, there may be different parameters to your account.

Professional license or certificates require that your information is current, connect with those organizations to provide them with your new address.

Money & Taxes
To avoid interruption or even cancellation of your accounts, contact your bank, credit union, credit card companies, PayPal or Venmo, investment accounts and all other financial institutions with your new address.

Include in this category the Social Security Administration (they have an online change of address application) and the IRS (they also have an online form). For your state tax agency, go to your specific state’s government website for instructions to change address.

Connect with your insurance company and provide them with your new address so your vehicle, home/renters, health, dental and life insurance policies can be updated. If you use the federal marketplace for health insurance, you can report your address change by visiting

Your Vote Counts!
Remember to update your electoral registration if you’ve moved outside your current county or state.

Online Shopping & Membership Shopping
Each online shopping site has a place for your mailing and shipping address and it’s easy to finalize an order without paying much attention to the shipping details. Best to make a list of all your online stores and switch your address for each. The same holds true for places like Costco or Sam’s Club.

Changing your address does take time, but you will experience fewer
headaches – and missed mail – if you go through these steps now to change your address.

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