Consignment Services

When one moves, there are household or personal items that are no longer used, that no longer bring a person joy or that will not fit into their new home.

We work side-by-side with you to sort and purge your belongings in your current home and help you make sense of where unwanted items should go – whether that means donating them, taking to consignment, or send off to family or friends. Typically, this process can seem daunting and time-consuming. Yet, with our experience and joy for this work, you will find this process such a relief. Best of all, you will be in a space that you love and that makes sense for your living requirements, surrounded by your favorite belongings.

Consignment Services

We help you determine best method for unwanted items:

  • Gifted or shipped to family or friends,
  • Sold through consignment, or
  • Donated, recycled or disposed.

Give us a call and we can walk through your needs and then put your mind at ease as we take care of all the details.